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For many travellers that have had their fill of beach vacations and the same old tours of Western and European cultures, another exciting option for exploration and adventurous holiday experiences is Asia Travel.

Others that have been there before will tell you Asia travel is a once in a lifetime experience with a multitude of things to do, places to see and adventures to revel in.

When travelling to any country in Asia, each destination offers so many options in fabulous tourism it is wise to be flexible with your itinerary.

Asia is one of the largest collective continents on the planet.

Tourism and travel offers a huge selection of places to visit, cultures to experience, incredible wonders of the world and even some of the most stunning beaches and coastlines reminiscent of those you find in the Caribbean.

The weather in various Asian countries can be quite different from one region to the next so do some research on when the best times are to visit to maximize your holiday experiences.

Visit the Island Nations- for Asia Travel


Indonesia is one of the top destinations for visitors from all over the world as well as in Asia.  It offers the most diverse collections of different places to visit.

The Indonesian archipelago provides loads of exciting tours, adventure activities, sightseeing and cultural experiences for a complete holiday experience.

Catering to for all types of travellers with its, scenic natural beauty, delicious food, cultural diversity and excitement which can be quite overwhelming.

Bali is the most popular place to visit while in Indonesia and is the main tourist hotspot for travellers from all over the world.

While visiting Indonesia you can immerse yourself in gorgeous art and temples or visit one of the many volcanoes and panoramic scenery spots.


Comprised of over 7000 islands, the Philippines have become one of Asia’s forgotten travel destinations after some unrest in the past.  In recent times it is swiftly rising again to one of the top spots.

The most popular tourist areas are the Boracay Beaches and Lake Cebu which are incredibly beautiful places to relax and unwind.

Other options are the Calauguas group of islands, Mount Apo and the Sagada.

Consider taking in the beauty of Merloquet Falls in Zamboanga and take a tour to see the incredible man-made mahogany forest of Bohol.

Just southeast of Boracay you will find The Crocodile Island which is a very popular scuba diving site for enthusiasts as it is rich in marine life and colorful corals with its crystal clear ocean waters.

There are also amazing beaches for lovers of relaxation in the Philippines.  If you’re up for it, try some of the water sports, hiking and fishing!

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Tourists from all over the world love visiting Japan; a country of polite and friendly people offering an array of wonderful tourist activities for everyone to experience.

Excursions to incredible temples and unspoiled nature areas are inspiring and you will find their love of western culture in many reproductions of monuments like the Eiffel Tower for example.

Japan consists of the four main islands and dozens of smaller islets with Tokyo being the modern, bustling capital city, where most tourists visit for their holidays.

The city is vibrant and busy and comes to life in a totally different way at night with endless lights and billboards.  Shopping is endless so wear a really good pair of comfortable shoes as the variety of stores will keep you walking.

Japan also offers many quieter destinations away from the cities with breathtaking views of panoramic scenery and mountains with the well known Mt. Fuji, a majestic masterpiece and the tallest mountain in Japan.

There are a multitude of quaint villages where time seems lost and unique activities, cultures and tours so keep a flexible itinerary with some extra time in case you see something you must try.

Places in Southeast Parts of Asia


The Kingdom of Thailand is visited by millions of tourists from all over the globe each year; offering vast places to visit for adventure, relaxation, sightseeing, indigenous cuisine, fun tours, adventurous activities and lots more.

Thailand has both mountainous regions boasting natural scenic beauty as well as gorgeous coastlines and islands making a holiday spot that is great for everyone.

Visit the city of Bangkok, one of the largest and diverse places thanks to some some of the world’s most sensational shopping experiences.

If you plan to visit the capital, then it is wise to keep a loose itinerary because you will need a few days to experience it all properly and have some really memorable experiences that are out of the ordinary.

Find tours where you can enjoy unusual riverboat dinners and guided trips to visit beautiful temples, all mesmerizing and wonderful with architecture which leaves you wondering.

There are extended tour options to visit the old capital, Ayutthaya, one thing you have to see is the site of the Bridge on the River Kwan in Kanchanaburi as it gives one a taste of some humbling WWII history.

Beach lovers have it all here so make sure to visit Pattaya, about a two-hour drive from Bangkok where you can bask in the sun on sandy beaches and have drinks at the beach bar and watch time go by.

There are has some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia with emerald crystal clear waters.  Take a trip to Kari for the ultimate in scuba diving and snorkelling experiences.


Vietnam is fast becoming one of the most amazing tourist destinations and as an emerging player, locals do everything possible to go out of their way to provide a welcoming experience for visitors from all over the world.

This gorgeous Asia travel spot offers its share of beautiful beaches, historical sites to visit with adventure activities, fine dining and if you prefer luxurious relaxation suitable for families too.

Sightseeing offers you some unspoiled beauty of soaring inland mountains and a wide variety of indigenous flora and fauna.  The most popular spot for travellers is visiting Hanoi which is now the official capital of Vietnam.

Hanoi is a gorgeous and peaceful city of fabulous lakes and luscious leafy boulevards, it is situated at the heart of the northern Red River Delta.

Vietnam has some awe-inspiring temples, pagodas and national monuments which reflect the histories of Vietnam try a professional tour where you will take in a lot more and learn about ancient civilizations.

There are now many accommodation options from budget-friendly to luxurious 5-star options .  For an authentic experience try accommodation with furnishings reminiscent of traditional architecture and design.

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Visiting Mainland Asia Travel Spots


China offers a huge range of options and places to visit for tourists and you can enjoy world-class shopping for technology and other commercial goods at a fraction of what you will pay anywhere else in the world.

On your Asia travels visiting China is a culture shock and a lifetime experience. It is the perfect way to get a firsthand experience of the proud and respectful culture of the Chinese nation.  There are some of the most magical places to visit in China with too many to list within this article but some examples of must-visit spots include:

a) Beijing — here is where you will find the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.

b) Xi’an — this is where the famous Terracotta Army can be visited.

c) Shangha —  great shopping and sights to see, easily accessible by Super-speed Bullet Trains.

d) Chengdu — where you will find the zoos that feature the cute Giant Pandas and lots more.

e) Huangshan — you will be awed by the panoramic scenery of the Magical Yellow Mountains.

Whether your preferences are shopping or exploring Chinese cultures, scenery and Chinese history, or if you simply want to experience China on a memorable holiday this is a trip you should add to your bucket list for sure.

Plan a loose itinerary to include options like a trip from the Chinese capital to see the Xian’s terracotta warriors, go sailing down the magnificent Yangtze River and the Great Wall of China is a must stop off Bucket List Option for every visitor to China.

Visiting South Korea:

Today you can consider that South Korea is a westernized option compared to other Asian nations and many South Koreans are proud to be able to speak English so there are no communication barriers there.  Choosing Asia travel to visit Korea offers tourists a world-class experience with endless options in sightseeing tours and fun activities for holidaymakers.

You will love the modern architecture and sights in the capital city, Seoul; or visit the unspoiled scenery and natural wonders at the Songnisan National Park.

The southern part of Seoul is the commercial centre offering visitors a fascinating blend of traditional as well as feats of modern architecture.

Tourists always enjoy exploring the weaving shopping streets and stalls where you can buy everything under the sun or plan exciting tours to visit the beautiful landscapes with indigenous flora and fauna.

Skiing enthusiasts love South Korea which offers 13 awesome ski resorts most of them boasting fabulous spas with natural hot spring baths to relax afterwards.


For an  amazing Asia travel experience, a must-visit is India which is one of Asia’s largest countries and the most populated as well.

Careful planning for the best tourist experience is vital when visiting India considering there is so much to do and see there while you holiday at this destination.

Some ideas are visiting numerous magnificent monuments, immersing yourself in the culture and fine foods, exploring breathtaking deserts with sand dunes that seem to go on forever, or any of the many wildlife parks and wonderful sanctuaries.

With such a multitude of tourism adventures, activities and experiences when visiting India it is wise doing proper research well before you leave on what experiences you would like to have while on vacation there.

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Asia travel offers something for everyone and any of the options above are just some ideas of the gorgeous destinations to be visited.

Rest assured no matter which country in Asia you choose to visit, you will make incredible memories that you can share with friends and family for years to come but plan carefully to maximize your holiday abroad when you decide to travel there so that you get the best in accommodation and holiday activities and tours.

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