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Cheap Holidays to France

Visit Paris & Nice as well as other Great Attractions on Cheap Holidays to France.

Running a close second in popularity to Spain, for UK holiday destinations is France, and if you have been searching for the perfect cheap holidays to France then we can help.

With over 8 million British travellers visiting France every year besides the millions of tourists from other countries, France is a hugely popular tourist destination.

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This enchanting country offers holidaymakers a memorable holiday to enjoy the wonderful culture and romantic Paris, and for skiing enthusiasts, there is the majestic French Alps.

To the South of France beach lovers and sun-seekers will find beautiful golden beaches and no matter where you decide to travel, a wide selection of accommodations can be had from family budget-friendly to opulent luxurious hotels and resorts.

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Cheap Holidays to Paris & Attractions:

Paris is known as the city of love, fashion and light.  It is the most popular destination in France for travellers. When picturing Paris in your mind, you will conjure up images of busy boulevards, the seine river with cruising riverboats, the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Holidays in Paris

The capital of France is definitely a city of chic, style, fine cuisine and history which gives it the old-school romantic charm that many couples long for.  Loads of Hollywood films have been made in Paris from spy films to love stories and musicals.

When you book cheap holidays to France your flights will land at the Charles de Gaulle airport and from there, travelling around France is easy by rail,  taxis, rental cars or buses.  As a matter of fact, the arterial rail networks allow you to connect to other destinations like London, Brussels and Amsterdam.  In addition to this, you could also take the ferries to Ireland or other UK ports.

To maximize the enjoyment of Paris it is best to take walking tours to see the sights and experience the vibrancy of the city.  The riverboats also offer some great sightseeing experiences as well as lunches and evening dinners depending on the river cruise options.

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Holidays in Paris

France offers holidaymakers a temperate and comfortable climate for most of the year and Paris does not get much rain except during certain months.

While visiting Paris on your cheap holidays to France don’t forget to pop into Disneyland Paris, an exciting experience for any age group.

There are always activities and special events happening in Paris like fashion shows where top designers showcase their creations.

Look up special festival events like Bastille day on 14 July, a truly remarkable display of fireworks,  street parties, fine foods and music.

Cheap Holidays to France & Visiting Nice:

Many call Nice the jewel of the Côte d’Azur and you will fall in love with the Italianate ambience in the cobblestone streets of this enchanting old town.

Nice also offers fabulous nightlife and a buzzing social scene, restaurant shows, entertainment venues and awesome shopping.

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If you want sandy beaches, Nice is not the greatest because the beaches are mainly small rocks and pebbles but it is still a great spot to unwind and relax and if you want to swim, the water is comfortably warm.

You can get flights directly to Nice and the airport is located a few miles out of town which means taking a taxi, bus or even train because the rail network is just a short walk away.

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Again, the best way to experience Nice is by exploring on foot or booking any of the numerous activities, tours and sightseeing experiences.  You can even hire a yacht and sail a bit if you are prepared to splash out and indulge.

The climate is mild in Nice with temperatures around 15 to 27 degrees Celsius during the daytime in the summer months which are from July to September.

The winter months are also relatively comfortable with temperatures rarely falling below 14 degrees Celsius.

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Nice is also known for its vibrant, fun carnivals and religious events which you can research online to find specific dates to coincide with your holiday in France.

Enjoy your cheap holidays to France and experience this destination for yourself.  France is perfect for family holidays, couples and honeymoons with so much to do and see.

Book your holidays online and save money by choosing all-inclusive flights and accommodation options.  If you want to travel from the UK by train you can book your tickets conveniently online too!


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