On a Budget? Use These Tips for Planning Your Dream Travel Experiences For Less!

Tips for Planning Dream Travel Experiences Abroad on a Budget

Many people dream of travelling the world, visiting foreign countries to explore their local history and cultures,  for sightseeing, or just to unwind and relax in the sun on sandy beaches. If you want to plan holidays that turn into dream travel experiences, then these tips will help you get everything just perfect!

Like many, you may say you  can’t afford a good holiday because your budget is limited?

Well, the biggest reason people do not realize these travel dreams is, to put it simply, that travelling can be expensive these days, and this especially so for visiting countries abroad.

However, with careful planning and research, you can easily cut travelling costs by half!

Today,special deals where everything is included in the price are the most popular options. When planning your holidays or travel begin by looking for all-inclusive deals, like bed and breakfast with flights included, or bed and dinner, and where possible tours all included in the prices.

Holiday safety Tips
Points to Ponder While Planning Your Dream Travel Experiences:

The internet has made it so much easier to find some exclusive travel deals for business, for holidaying with your family, or even for students planning a gap year backpacking, or for those that love travel searching far and wide for the cure to their wanderlust.

When planning your dream travel experiences, don’t be in a rush and look around at what is on offer, because you want to make certain every detail is taken care of so that you enjoy a wonderful experience abroad, and of course you will definitely want the best value for money.

How to Start Making Your Holiday Go Further With Some Smart Budget Travel Tips

If you live in a country where winters are cold, the thought of holidays on sun-soaked beaches in tropical climates where it is always comfortably warm certainly is the most inviting, and there certainly are some fabulous sun-soaked destinations to visit.

The option to travel to other countries and exotic islands in the Caribbean with the family can be filled with excitement and if you apply some budget travel tips you can make your sun holidays go that much further.

Want to save? Think ‘all-inclusive package deals’ to make your holiday budget go further!

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Making Comparisons Between Holiday Offers:

The first thing to do is to visit any travel websites that are offering the destination you want to visit, and check what their approximate costs are going to be for airfares, accommodations, and local tours.

Once again, think ‘All-Inclusive’ and look for package deals where one payment covers almost everything, and look for discounts and extras there are available! Look for meals deals and tours included in the prices, find out whether transport shuttles are available as well.

Next Step:  Have a look at some of the holiday activities at the destination, hotel, or resort, and whether they appeal to you, and if they are family orientated if you want to take the family along.

If you just want a warm beach holiday to lounge around in the sun and swim, then there are some absolutely stunning beach locations in the Caribbean to choose from, and at popular destinations like Greece, Turkey, Spain, and Mexico.

For sightseeing and history buffs, look at historical places to visit like Greece, Italy, London, France, Spain, and Egypt for some examples.

Make sure you take into consideration all the little things like hotel cover charges, the airfare with or without stopovers, car rentals, visiting local attractions and sights, restaurants, food, snacks, cocktails, and gasoline.

Once you have a good idea of what you want to spend on each part of your trip, you can begin doing some comparisons for the best deals for each option.

Don’t be in a RUSH While Planning Travel!

Budget Travel Tips: Prioritizing  Your Options.

You can save costs  on your holidays and travel by prioritizing the parts of your experience which are more important.

For example, if you are content to choose a 4-star hotel instead of staying in a luxury 5-star hotel, there is naturally a huge difference in the prices.

(3-star hotels for example, can often surprise you as many strive to achieve a higher ranking and status).

Other Savings…

a) For local travelling where you need transport, choose a smaller rental car rather than an SUV which will save you a lot of money on rental fees and insurance, plus these which often come with mileage restrictions as well as on gas.

b) For adventure, experiences, look up prepaid  guided tours or  where there are travel club deals which features discounts for members in all major cities for the avid sightseer! For example, if you are visiting Disneyland there are great deals on cards and vouchers to save money on readily available.

Bed and Breakfast, Bed and Dinner or Air BNB:

Look around for hotels and resorts that offer meals included in their accommodation prices, as these will save you on food costs; and look for travel club, or tour and sightseeing experience  cards, as these will save you money on activities at your holiday destination.

  • Two good meals a day with snacks in between on holiday is always sufficient while travelling on holidays.

Next Step:

There are some travel clubs are definitely worth joining, as they offer you huge discounts on accommodation, while the new travel adventure cards for  some of these clubs are superb for holiday activities for the whole family. (*Do some research online to find what there are available in travel clubs)

Rather do some thorough research for a while online while planning a budget holiday in the sun, and adhering to these guidelines above will let you enjoy more holiday for your money all around for your fun filled, exciting, yearly vacations.

Once you have arranged your holiday in the sun, make sure you have a look at the important travel checklists and holiday safety tips on our website so that you can all look forward to a getaway full of memories. (Remember passports, itineraries, travel insurance, luggage, foreign currency exchange rates, and first aid kits.)

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Student Gap Year Backpacking Tips

Today more students travel using backpacking than ever before to broaden their horisons, while taking a gap year to explore the world between studying further.

With careful planning, it can be enjoyed on a shoestring budget, and many destinations cater for students with suitable accommodations, hiking tours, meals and hostels.

There are even other ways to get to explore other countries while studying in options of student exchange programs, and for teaching English to non-English speaking foreign countries if you want to earn some money while backpacking.

Need Spending Money?

You can earn good money for teaching English to enjoy your backpacking experience, and thus have even more with extra cash on hand to enjoy travelling. Give a couple of lessons where there are schools that need substitute teachers; which can be quite fun and you will have the cash to spend for the next leg of your backpacking.

This backpacking option is not only for students either so if you do not have the budget to realize your travel dreams consider this option but it is wise to be fit and healthy and make sure to read up on the best backpacking countries to visit.

Planning dream travel experiences on a limited budget are easier if you break it down into some simple categories of what costs need to be considered.

Need To Knows:

What Your Travel Costs Will be:

a) The travel to and from your destination which will be flights, trains, or by road, or ferry.
b) Your Accommodation costs, hotels, BNB, vacation homes, hostels or family abroad where applicable.
c) Your local expenses such as transport, food and activities, tours and sightseeing trips.

You can begin researching flight costs and making comparisons between airlines using the convenience of the internet. The same applies for train, bus and car rental costs to travel to different destinations.

Searching for suitable accommodations can be done in a similar way, and if you are not too fussy regarding how many stars a hotel or resort has, you can get some amazing offers as well.

You should browse different travel agencies and travel suppliers to see where you can get the best offers, and once you are satisfied you got the best value for your money then only commit to the booking.

In Conclusion:

You want to enjoy your dream travel to the maximum, and that means having some entertainment, and some extra spending money too.

The more you can save before embarking on your tour, the more enjoyable your travel experience is going to be.

You may want to buy souveniers, visit clubs, and  enjoy extra sightseeing at special sites, and may have other miscellaneous expenses, so budget for that too.

Check the rate of exchange for the country you are visiting as well, and you may be delighted to find the exchange rate is favorable to you, which means you can look forward to a dream holiday experience of a lifetime on a lot less money.

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