10 Best Attractions to Visit for Magical Greece Holidays!

Visit These Magical Tourist Attractions When Visiting Greece on Holidays

Over 30 Million tourists visited Greece over the last holiday seasons, and each year this figure increases because there are so many experiences to enjoy at this magical vacation destination. Book great value Greece holiday packages with My Holidays Abroad to make your travel budget go so much further!

Greece has attractions to satisfy the most demanding tourists and its friendly welcoming locals make your vacation so much more enjoyable, plus you will find that most Greece holiday packages offer exceptional value for money!

This beautiful country offers visitors some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, in gorgeous beaches and mountains, and some well known must-see archaeological sites.

If you want to visit a traveller’s paradise then visit the variety of awesome destinations Greece has to offer especially the top spots listed below.

Popular Things to Do and Places to Visit for Tourists

You can look forward to fine dining, fun activities and great tours with Greece holiday packages, while accommodation options in Greece will also help stick to your budget.

The most visited places in Greece include Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Rhodes, Crete, Thessaloniki, and Samos. These spots offer fancy restaurants, super options in all types of accommodations, awesome nightlife and clubs, bars, roadside cafes and shopping.

Perhaps you are not a fan of crowds, and if so, there are many places you can visit that are not crowded but still have a lot to offer people on holiday.

Smaller towns and beachfronts villas are often not heavily promoted by travel agents, and you can enjoy a low-cost holiday at these while not compromising on services and activities.

Most travel agents do not list the smaller islands like Gaydos, Paxoi, Ikaria Fournoi, Sifnos, and Chios but there are many others besides these where Greece holiday packages go even further so that you can enjoy an extended holiday here.

These lovely places to vacation at are usually recommended from others that have already gone there, or if you are smart, ask a Greek travel agent to find you something special and affordable while being family-friendly and fun.

People that love solitude and peace, choose quiet destinations in Greece where they can avoid the crowds and the noise, and luxury villas are a perfect option in this case.

Perhaps you prefer nature and good hospitality of quaint towns where people are still simple and not caught up in the stressful rush of our times.  Accommodation prices are cheaper and you can even rent a small villa too.

The biggest disadvantage is that such small places don’t have many means of public transportation, so to get there means renting a car.

Other secluded spots may only have a bus, boat or train at certain times of the week to get there. For this option do some research, or contact our tyravel agents, and you may find a romantic island that you will love visiting, or to go on a memorable honeymoon.

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The Top 10 Spots to Visit While On Holiday In Greece.

You will want to get in as much as possible while visiting Greece from the stunning natural beauty of bright blue seas to the ancient historical archaeological sites.

Places to visit must include the charming island villages, while you enjoy the perfect hot, mainly dry climate which makes Greece a fantastic holiday destination.

Considering that this wonderful Mediterranean destination boasts over 1000 islands all with their own attractions, it is wise to plan your holiday carefully to make the most of it.

While each of us has our own preferences, we will list some of the top spots and a few details on them, to help you make your choices when you go on holiday to Greece.

1) The Awe-Inspiring Acropolis and the Parthenon

This is a symbol of Athens, the iconic Parthenon which sits majestically atop the Acropolis, overlooking the city below.

The site is said to be the temple of the Greek Goddess Athena, the Parthenon, with its simple Doric styles, have been copied in public architecture worldwide.

This area is accessed by the Athens Metro and you can choose to go with tour guides as a group for the best experiences.  The best times to visit are either early mornings or late afternoons.

2) The Vibrant, Exciting Mykonos

This is certainly the most popular tourist destination and considered one of the most famous Greek islands. Mykonos attracts the wealthy, celebrities and international tourists from all over the world.

Catering for both affluent and budget travellers alike with its stunning beaches, nudist areas, vibrant nightlife, classic holiday shopping and friendly bustling ambience.

3) The Minoan Palace of Knossos, in Crete.

This super place to visit is surrounded by the city of Iraklion and easily accessible by local bus, or car. These historical ruins and the reconstructed labyrinth of this Minoan palace are from the era when the Aegean King Minos ruled mainland Greece.

To get more of a feeling for the culture of ancient times, make sure you set aside time to the visit the world-class Heraklion Archaeological Museum also in Iraklion.

4) Gorgeous Santorini

Fabulous Hotels with a panoramic view clinging to the cliff tops with scenic winding roads, a volcanic legacy and great local world-class wines paired with fine dining puts Santorini on the bucket list while visiting Greece.

You can travel to this stunning Greek island by sea and get the best views of the black-banded cliffs topped by crystal white lava.  You will also want to visit the ruins of the once-buried city of Akrotiri.

5)  Visit Popular Corfu

This is a bustling cosmopolitan destination off the coast of mainland Greece in the Ionian Sea, boasting streets lined with Venetian-style buildings and impressive architecture.

Find budget beating holiday accommodation here to avoid the pricey high-rise accommodation in the north.  Corfu offers lots of super attractions, sightseeing and much more which is too long to list!

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6) A Real Treasure Mycenae

This Peloponnesian treasure can be found just a short drive from Athens, a place known for being inhabited since Neolithic times.  Nestled snugly on a hilltop on the lower slopes of Euboea Mountain, it is considered one of the foundation sites of European civilization.

7) The National Archaeological Museum – Athens

If you want to educate yourself on the interesting Greek culture and history on your Greece holiday packages, the best place to do it is this world-class museum in Athens.

This awesome museum is packed with thousands of artefacts and sculptures with explanations of each.  You will find the tall, dramatic Kouroi, many archaic statues of young gods and the magnificent gold treasures from excavations of Mycenae’s royal tombs.

8) Visit The Island of Hydra

You definitely want to visit this trendy Greek island via hydrofoil from Athens and take a selfie while doing so.  The charming harbour, beautiful churches and excellent shopping opportunities here are a wonderful experience and sightseeing option.

This lovely island also offers guests fine dining options and great taverns that provide a distinct quintessential Greek experience.

9) The Drogati and Melissani Caves

On your trip to Greece visit one of the highlights of Kefalonia, Melissani which is a subterranean seawater cave that turns turquoise daily when the sun reaches a certain point.

The spectacular Drogati Cave has impressive stalactites and boasts excellent acoustics.  This tour is best enjoyed with the help of professional tour guides.

10) Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon

This is a popular cliff-top temple, set above the Aegean Sea which has superb, romantic sunset views.

This beautiful sight and the Archaeological Museum in Athens are home to the bronze statue that was once housed here.  You will realize while visiting why the god of the sea might have been worshipped at this stunning monument.

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Tips for Travelling to Greece

The best time to travel to Greece is after their summer vacation ends at the end of August.  Book your flights and accommodation well in advance to save money on Greece holiday packages.

Almost all popular destinations in Greece are connected through Athens, so this is the perfect jump-off point to see all the sights.

Small quaint villages and towns do not have access to public transport so consider renting a car if you want to get around more easily.  It’s much easier to get around comfortably with a rental which is best booked as soon as possible before your trip

Look around at the many types of accommodation options from resorts and hotels to renting villas or BNB.  You can find some amazing deals this way all at exceptional value for money.

Plenty of Non-Hotel accommodations like holiday rentals are available at all possible places and are labelled as “studios” Holiday Villas, “apartments” “homes” “rooms to let” “vacation homes”.

You may even find incredible deals where you can pay one monthly fee and stay there for a complete month or longer.

Greece holiday packages have everything to offer tourists and families in activities, sightseeing and a relaxing holiday on the beach. Best of all you will find it exceptional value for money and you can look forward to a memorable holiday!

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