This Fantastic 5 Star Lagonissi Resort Offers You a Luxurious Holiday in Greece

Plan the Perfect Greece Holiday to Spoil Yourself Staying at The Luxurious 5 Star Lagonissi Resort.

Luxury Holiday for Honeymooners and For Discerning Travellers!

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Your Wonderful Luxury Greece Holiday Awaits at The Lagonissi Resort

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Whether you are a fan of Greek History and Mythology, or want somewhere special to enjoy a holiday in the sun Greece holidays are the perfect choice.

This Greece holiday luxury offer allows you to stay in comfort with all the trimmings while allowing you to visit all the highlights of Athens and learn everything about the  these iconic sites.

Look forward to visiting the Acropolis (Parthenon), the Ancient Agora, the Temple of Zeus and the New Acropolis museum, in a private day guided tour that will be flexible and customized to your needs!

Travelers that visit Greece and particulalrly Athens  can visit some amazing lone standing relics of ancient Greece, and rest assured you will be awestruck by these as wll as the sprawling  modern areas of urban metropolis of today’s Athens.

Greece holidays here in the capital city offer discerning travellers and history buffs and an explorer’s paradise.

Athens has been labelled as the cradle of Western civilization and modern democracy, and seeing these special sites will make you inclined to agree.

Planning a special honeymoon or memorable holiday?

The perfect accommodation at the luxury Lagonissi resort will not dissapoint.

Feel relaxed and free from all the stresses of the rat race while you bask in the warm sunshine, and look at some of the most beautiful views of the ocean you have ever seen.

Visit the Mythological Mythos.

Not to miss when visiting Greece in all its glory are magnificent monuments like the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena Nike that were constructed on the fortified Acropolis and Socrates and Plato developed their Western thinking schools of thought.

Visit museums and some of the most of the major attractions from the time period which are in the center of the city,  and then consider to travel to the outskirts of Athens that will bring encounters with many significant locations from this time period.

Greece is well known for its fascinating Turkish and Persian cultural influences as a result of many wars and takeovers until the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in the 20th century.

In the spring and summer evenings, enjoy the cafés and restaurants in Athens that welcome tourists with the friendly demeanour Greeks are known for.

Sample indigenous greek cusine and enjoy a sundowner before finding the perfect clubs in the boisterous spots where vibrant nightlife awaits.

Your Greece holiday in Athens is something special and the perfect place to become immersed in Greek culture and life and if you like, consider taking a ferry ride to one of the surrounding tranquil, historic or party islands.

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Your trip to Athens is not only a journey of history, but one of modernity and progress, and being a popular tourist destination there is something perfect for young and old.

After Greece’s golden age, Athens’ grandeur was plundered to nearly nothing by the invaders, wars, and the sweeping tides of history.

Today, this is a free and booming capital city, a testament to its historic commitment to forward thinking civilization.

Experience the rebirth of the foundations of the western world in Athens!

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