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Mexico is a fabulous country to visit, as well as a hugely popular tourist destination, and you can make your holiday go so much further by choosing our package holidays to Mexico, yours at exeptional value for money.

There are some beautiful all-inclusive resorts with beaches just a stones throw away in Cancun, and you will find that their rates are exceptional value for money.

In this article, we will go over some popular spots in Mexico that are very popular with tourists, as well as what super activities, and adventures, as well as awesome sightseeing you can look forward to while visiting.

Mexico is well known for its beautiful pristine sandy beaches, especially in Cancun, and also its breathtakingly beautiful panoramic scenery of mountains and volcanoes and historic places to visit.  Scuba diving enthusiasts cannot get enough of the gorgeous & colourful marine life, and don’t forget the water sports and adventures for thrill-seekers at every turn.

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Some examples of top tourist sites include the Mayan Ruins, Cancun, Acapulco, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan, but there are many other great attractions to visit while on holiday there.

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Visit Acapulco

This location has one of the biggest beach resorts and some fine hotels, so finding cheap package holidays in Mexico are quite easy if you choose Acapulco.

Awesome beaches are just a short distance away from these hotels and resorts, and you will find an array of fun activities available here from fishing to scuba diving, golf, tennis, and luxury boat trips to see the sights.

Families and newlyweds choose Acapulco because it is a romantic getaway with beautiful sunset’s, fantastic beaches to relax and tan on with some awesome luxury resorts to choose from.

People of all ages enjoy visiting this area because there is something special for all to make your holiday a memorable one.  Popular water tours, swimming, sunbathing and floating in stunning lagoons is what you can look forward to in Acapulco.

Lastly there are also some fun water parks and amusementsthere, so you will not have a problem keeping the younger children and teens busy while they are having great fun.

Choose Holidays to Visit Cancun Mexico.

If you want to find cheap holidays in Mexico Cancun then you always need to book early, because this popular tourist destination is full most of the year-round.

Cancun does not really need any introduction, because it is one of the famous beach lover’s resort locations in Mexico.

Most families looking for the perfect sunshine holiday will choose Cancun, which like Ibiza in Spain, is well known for its vibrant nightlife, clubs, bars and restaurants.

Nearby Mayan ruins are great for exploring and sightseeing are a must  for every tourist holidaying  in Cancun.

There are dozens of fun activities, water sports and adventurous sightseeing tours that you can book while visiting Cancun, and it is the type of place that people visit more than once after experiencing its beauty on their first visit.


Visit Puerto Vallarta: Another Popular Spot in Mexico.

While searching for the best package holidays in Mexico, consider also browsing resorts and hotels in Puerto Vallarta, which is another world-class popular tourist destination.

This beautiful tropical paradise is perfect for sun-seekers, and also has some amazing historical sites and tourist attractions.

You can take some awe-inspiring tours and sightseeing trips to the Sierra Madre Mountains for example, and take in some incredible scenery for miles in every direction as well as spot some exotic birds and indigenous wildlife.

Puerto Vallarta will satisfy anyone with its many restaurants and nightclubs, and if you love vacation shopping, you will definitely find it difficult choosing from so many beautiful wares and souvenirs.

Visit the Quaint Fishing Port Mazatlan.

Dubbed one of the oldest and greatest fishing ports in Mexico, Mazatlan is a great holiday destination which attracts tourists from all over the world.  The surrounding ocean waters are teeming with game fish, and  exotci marine life, with  fun and aventure water sports being equally plentiful, whether you want to fish, snorkel or surf.

Amble down the long beach around 4 miles long, known as the ‘Malecón’ this beach also runs through the entire village, and you will find you are fully relaxed because of the laid back atmosphere.

Mazatlan is located on Mexico’s west coast, and with endless beaches beckoning for sunbathing and relaxation, you will love it here, because the climate is also just perfect to soak up sun under azure blue skies.

As you will find at most Mexico beach destinations, activities abound in water sports, boat rides, surfing, sight seeing, and sunbathing.

Mazatlan is popular for families with children, thanks to the seawater adventures and water shows, similar to most Sea World attractions all over the world.

Visit Cozumel or Coral Island.

You will find an abundance of all-inclusive resorts and accommodation when you choose to holiday in Cozumel. Browse some budget beating cheap holiday packages in Mexico and look forward to an epic holiday in the sun.

This popular island attracts thousands of scuba diving enthusiasts and snorkelers, because of the wonderful coral reefs all teeming with colourful fish and aquatic life, all in crystal clear waters.

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Stop Off in Guadalajara.

Although this is not a beach destination, you can choose to visit Guadalajara which is the second biggest city in Mexico for a more authentic experience.

This destination is perfect for history buffs, because of the rich Mexican culture and traditions.

A great tourist attraction in the area symbolizes the tradition known as Charro where Mexican men will put on fabulous rodeo shows for tourists.

There are also dozens of fine museums which will give you insight into the rich Mexican culture and history, and some fabulous museums that are children friendly too.

Guadalajara offers great vacation shopping and a wide array of beautiful parks, and fountains, where you can kick back and relax.

Dine on the finest Mexican cuisine at the many restaurants or socialize in pubs while enjoying sightseeing tours and attractions.

If you are thinking of visiting Mexico for your next holiday then choose one of these popular tourist sites and look forward to a memorable holiday experience.

While planning your holidays to Mexico, take care to choose a destination that suits everyone’s needs in adventures and activities, because a holiday is all about creating cherished memories while you have a great time.

Choose your holiday to any of these great spots, or from many other cheap package holidays in Mexico we have on offer, and you will not be disappointed, unless you book too late!

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