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Thinking of Spain holidays conjures up thoughts of the beaches of Costa Brava, Ibiza the nightlife clubs and shopping and of course Spain is blessed with a delightfully warm comfortable climate, relaxed friendly people and culture of wining and dining that has been refined to an art form.

Our Spain holidays deals with our reputable travel partners offer you a variety of accommodation options to affordable hotels to 5 star luxury holidays resorts so there will be something for every budget.

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Travelling to Spain from the UK is also quick and cheap and for family holidays activities the options in fun, dining, sightseeing exploration and historical interest are endless.

The Spanish are well known for being friendly hospitable and devoutly religious people making Spain holidays a must to add to your bucket list!

Contact us below and we will help you plan the best Spanish Holiday for you abnd your family! below we will go over some popular destinantions in Spain.

Visit Ibiza

Ibiza in Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations during August through to November every year, and the warm inviting climate makes it fabulous for beach holidays for the whole family.

Ibiza can offer wonderful holidays with fabulous white beaches which have always been sought out by the wealthy and celebrities.

Ibiza is now better than ever, offering beautiful scenery of unspoiled pine forests, quaint white-washed villages, dozens of fine local restaurants offering the best of world cuisine, and of course, it is well known for its world-famous nightlife with DJs flocking to show off their skills in the many night clubs and dancing halls.

Just as the Spanish are known for; you will also experience some of the friendliest locals in Ibiza that welcome foreigners and tourists.

Ibiza has always been the place to show off and popular visits include the old Ibiza institution Pacha or choose to have an extended lunch on the beach at the Jockey Club, still a popular haunt of the wealthy and often celebrities during certain times of the year.

From the months of August through to October Ibiza can be quite busy, so don’t expect to have their beautiful beaches all to yourselves, because tourists from all over are having fun, but this adds to the happy holiday feeling which makes for memorable vacations anyway.

Tours and adventure activities are plenty, ranging from sightseeing, fun water sports, hot air ballooning rides, mountain-biking or hiking, boat trips, or boat rental, and meditation and yoga classes for health wellness and fitness lovers.

Accommodation includes resorts, hotels or even private villas that can come with maids and concierge services that assist you with booking nightlife at clubs, tables at exclusive restaurants, and even VIP tickets to the best entertainment and clubs.

This is a great option if you have families that can share the cost and its much more fun and private too.

If you are planning your summer holidays, think  Ibiza as your chosen sunshine beach destination and you will definitely love everything about it and come home with a full photo album for sure.

Visit Madrid

Madrid is a must-visit on Spain holidays, and you can start at Barajas, Madrid’s huge modern airport, that offers metro connections to anywhere you need to go downtown.

The metro is a cost-effective way to get around the city conveniently, and there are also regular buses and cheap taxis available. There are plenty of options in hotels and resorts in Madrid, and also resorts near beaches locations, so there is a wide enough choice to cater for all tastes.

With a population of over three million, Madrid is one of the largest modern cities located in central Spain.

The suburbs are very modern in contrast to the middle of the city which is interesting in the small alleys, and odd little shops.

In the city centre, however, you will find a vibrant hustle and bustling life with quaint outdoor cafes filled with passionate Spanish people of Madrid.

Tourist attractions include visiting the Royal Palace of Madrid, and the nearby famous royal monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

Madrid’s main Opera Theatre is the Teatro Real (The Royal Theatre).

*If bullfights fascinate you these are still a part of Spanish custom and you can visit the world’s biggest bullfighting ring, the ‘Plaza de Toros Monumental de Las Ventas. The bullfighting seasons begins in February with the main event being the mid-May feria, which is a four-week long bullfighting extravaganza held during the festival of ‘San Isidro’.

There are some great city bus tours with experienced friendly guides, the Toldeo tour where you will see gorgeous artworks, and ancient fortifications, wine tasting tours, Flamenco dancing and cultural tours, museum visits and tons more.

For the young at heart there are pub crawls, walking tours and hiking trips so there is definitely something for everyone in Madrid!

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Costa Brava

Costa Brava is the coastal region located in northeastern Spain and a popular option for family holidays between October through to early March, expect higher temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius that will definitely melt those icy UK winters from your bones.

Besides basking in the beach to get a much-wanted tan; activities you an look forward to including fun watersports, from snorkelling to parasailing, attending soccer matches for sports fans, awe-inspiring museum visits, or just simply walking and enjoying the city architecture and many other social sights.

One of the primary tourist attractions to the city is the Sagrada Familia at the Placa de la Sagrada Square, with so much history and aesthetic pleasure to be gathered from that site.

The coastal region that these cities combined make up is called Catalunya, which gives Spain a beautiful shoreline that goes halfway down the Mediterranean, and within these areas, you’ll find a lovely culture that caters to the tourist, with sightseeing of beautiful structures of awesome cathedrals, temples, architecture, and a friendly welcoming Spanish people.

The atmosphere in Costa Brava is also very different, more sophisticated, and while vacationing there, you will find that many nationalities,  choose to retire there in beach villas they have invested in. Eating out locally at the many restaurants and bars is inexpensive, and you can enjoy fine delicious cuisine.

While exploring during your vacation, you are likely to find many small, and even some luxurious resorts, and villas, tucked away in scenic, whitewashed villages.

These are often found above secluded, scenic coves, bounded by wooded hillsides and beautiful rolling vineyards.

Investigate many tours with guides that will tell you about great places to visit boasting extraordinary natural beauty in unspoiled scenery and rich cultural heritage.

Visit Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is now a fun-filled vibrant and fashionable metropolis, interwoven with the rich friendly traditional Spanish spirit. Certainly a wonderful tourist destination!

You can travel by air to the Barcelona airport that is in close proximity, on average 7.5 miles southwest of the city.

This receives many of the direct flights from North America and Europe and from there it is also possible to catch an international train or travel by ferry from the Balearic Islands and Italy.

Barcelona currently celebrates 15 official holidays a year including all major religious Catholic festivals and additionally New Year’s Day, Labour Day and Spanish National Day held on 12 October).

Spain Holidays Deals To See Festivals Barcelona.

Plan your  Spain holidays deals to coincide with the * Carnaval held during the months of February-March a ten-day-long fabulous affair featuring dancing and colourful fancy-dress parades. Later on soon afterwards is the *Dia de Sant Jordi held on 23 April that celebrates Catalunya’s patron saint.

*Festival del Grec, is another fine affair held from late June through to August, featuring music, dancing and theatre shows.

*Festes de la Merce, later in the year celebrated around 24 September, features exciting concerts, dancing, and a fascinating cross-harbour swimming race, and the well known (fire race).

Lastly is the *International Jazz Festival help from months late October through to the end of November.

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