Understanding The Differences Between Holiday Offers From Travel Companies

What are The Differences Between Travel Deals?

Here is a Simple Explanation.

Understanding how different holiday offers work will help you make the most of your travel Budgets. Here are some key differences to help you know what you are getting while planning your yearly getaway.

A package holiday, a tour package, and a FIT (Free Independent Traveler) holiday, are all different types of vacation arrangements.

They differ in the level of flexibility, planning, and customization they offer to travelers. Here are the differences between these three types of holidays:

  1. Package Holiday: A package holiday is a pre-arranged holiday offered by tour operators that includes flights, accommodations, transfers, and activities. Tour operators offer a range of packages, usually with a fixed departure date, destination, and duration. These holidays are generally cheaper than booking the same services separately, as tour operators can negotiate bulk discounts from suppliers. Package holidays are popular with families and groups, as they provide a hassle-free option for booking a vacation.

Advantages of a package holiday:

  • The convenience of having everything arranged for you
  • The cost is usually cheaper than booking everything separately
  • Financial protection through ATOL or ABTA protection
  • The tour operator will have a representative on the ground to help you with any issues

Disadvantages of a package holiday:

  • Lack of flexibility in terms of travel dates, destinations, and accommodation
  • Limited choice of activities and tours
  • It may not suit travelers who prefer to plan their own itinerary and explore independently


  1. Tour Package: A tour package is similar to a package holiday, but with more flexibility and customization options. Tour packages offer a combination of flights, accommodation, transfers, and activities, but with the option to tailor the itinerary to your specific needs. For example, you may be able to choose your departure date, extend your stay, or add extra activities. Tour packages are popular with travelers who want some guidance and assistance with planning, but still want the flexibility to explore independently.

Advantages of a tour package:

  • Greater flexibility than a package holiday
  • The ability to customize the itinerary to suit your preferences
  • Assistance with planning and organization
  • Tour operators may offer more specialist tours and experiences

Disadvantages of a tour package:

  • The cost may be higher than a package holiday
  • The level of customization may be limited by the tour operator’s itinerary
  1. FIT (Free Independent Traveler) Holiday: A FIT holiday is a completely independent travel arrangement where you book everything separately. You will need to book your flights, accommodation, transfers, and activities separately, and create your own itinerary. FIT holidays are popular with travelers who want complete freedom and flexibility to explore at their own pace.

Advantages of a FIT holiday:

  • Total flexibility to create your own itinerary
  • The ability to choose your own travel dates, destinations, and accommodation
  • More opportunities to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations

Disadvantages of a FIT holiday:

  • Requires more planning and research
  • May be more expensive than a package holiday or tour package, depending on the services and accommodation chosen
  • Lack of support or assistance in case of issues or emergencies

In conclusion, the main differences between a package holiday, a tour package, and a FIT holiday are the level of flexibility, planning, and customization they offer.

Package holidays offer the most convenience and the lowest cost, but the least flexibility. Tour packages offer more flexibility and customization, but at a higher cost. FIT holidays offer the greatest flexibility and customization, but require the most planning and research.

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