15 Holiday Resort and Hotel Accommodation Safety Tips That Are Not Negotiable When Travelling Abroad!

15 Important Tips for  Holiday Safety!

Holiday Accommodation Safety Tips You Must Always Keep in Mind!

With all the excitement and anticipation of going on holiday and then booking into your resort or hotel, the last thing on people’s minds is safety.

Today we will go over some important holiday resort and hotel accommodation safety tips everyone should keep in mind

The more often you travel, especially when it is to destinations you are familiar with, the less you worry about safety. If you are properly prepared, then you will not have to worry about something bad happening to you when you least expect it.

If someone knocks at the door of your hotel room you probably would not think twice about opening it without asking who is there. You could let criminals in this way which could rob you or do you harm.

Maybe you ordered room service and cannot wait for the food, and thus answer the door immediately without even asking who was knocking, and instead of room service armed robbers force their way into the room.

These days no matter what country you visit, there are always terrorist warnings, and to be vigilant against crime, but while on holiday these thoughts are the last things on your mind.

These accommodation safety tips will remind you to take better care while on holiday, and there are some other great guides about travelling safely.

These accommodation safety tips will remind you to take better care while on holiday, and there are some other great guides about travelling safely on our website.

Resort and Hotel Accommodation Safety Tips.

1) Before opening the door of your hotel or resort room, just as you would do at home, first ask who is there, and if it is a hotel employee that you are not expecting, call the front desk and verify this. Maybe you have ordered room service, or take out to be delivered, and if so still take time to check that it is the waiter delivering what you ordered.

2) If you have been out and about during the day and evening, and return late, then always use the front entrance of the hotel where in most cases there are security personnel. On the way to the entrance from the car park or street be vigilant of your surroundings.

3) When you get into your hotel room look around to make sure that there is no one in the room, and then you should securely lock the door behind you.

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4) While out on the beach or on tour, keep your hotel room keys safely in your handbags or pockets where no one can see, as the Hotel and resort keys are often labelled, and someone can track where you are staying if they see these keys. Don’t ever display your resort or hotel keys when you are out and about.

5) One of the most important hotels’ accommodation safety tips is to keep all travel documents and valuables in the hotel safe soon after you arrive, and leave them there at all times until you depart.  Money valuables, jewellery and smartphones you need every day, can be locked securely in your hotel room safe for easy access when you need them.

6) While dining in the hotel restaurants or in public, you should not wear expensive jewellery or watches, which could attract the attention of pickpockets or thieves.

7) If you have met and become friends with someone while on holiday, do not invite them to your hotel room, and don’t let any strangers in your hotel room while staying there, even if they are children.

8) Some hotel rooms have adjoining doors to the next room. Make certain these are always locked, and if you go out, always make sure all windows and sliding doors are secure every time.

9) Whenever you see any sort of suspicious activity in the hotel or resort you are staying at, report it at the front desk immediately.

10) If you have disabilities, let the front desk know that you will need help in the event of a fire or any other emergency where the premises need to be evacuated.

11) Although this may seem paranoia, check that all mirrors in your room are one-way mirrors and not two-way mirrors. Check for hidden camas as well when you check in because these days you just never know, and it will just take a few minutes anyway.

12) Let family and friends know where you are staying when travelling abroad, and the exact address or the hotel or resort. Provide them with the number of the hotel and your contact numbers in the case then need to get in touch with you at any time.

13) Always be acutely aware of your surroundings, especially while talking on the phone. This is how phones are snatched away from you, or when criminals could attack while you are preoccupied on the phone.

14)  Never tell anyone who you are travelling with, and how many members of your family are with you on holiday. This is even more important if you are travelling alone.

15) Only book resorts and hotels through reputable travel suppliers like those we deal with on My Holidays Abroad. It can also be useful to check reviews on the accommodation but don’t take them as Gospel because everyone has different tastes and some people are really fussy.

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Holiday safety Tips
More Useful Hotel Accommodation Safety tips and Information.

Once you have booked your holiday accommodation, find out what the check-in and checkout times are for your own convenience.

Get a map of the area you are holidaying in, and find out what the rate of exchange is before leaving abroad. Write down the hotel address and telephone number and keep it in your purse or wallet.

In countries where English is not the first language, you can simply show a taxi driver or bus driver where you want to go by showing them these details.

Find out what extra hotel services there are beforehand, which could include laundry, newspaper services, complimentary beverages and meals in some resorts, babysitting services, voltage adapters and much more.

Be Safe While Travelling on Holidays!

It must always be that safety is a prime concern when travelling in foreign countries and if you take proper precautions you will also have peace of mind.

Finally when you leave the resort of hotel room double check everywhere that you have not left any personal belongings behind, in cupboards under the bed etc. Also, make sure that t you take your valuables out of the room safe and hotel safe.

Just before leaving the hotel, at the front desk double-check all charges on the final bill and query if you are not happy about any of them.

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