Italy Holidays Offer World Class Cuisine, Curious History & Incredible Coastlines!

Tourists Love Visiting Italy for Summer Vacations and You Will Too!

Italy Holidays are an incredible experience that caters for every age and taste, being a destination that is well worth a few visits to take in everything from remarkable scenery, to rich history and culture.

Millions of tourists visit Italy from all over the world, and it is one of the most wonderful countries filled with friendly people, rich culture, delicious cuisine, awe-inspiring history, trendy fashion and beautiful art.

Italy also boasts some of the most breathtakingly beautiful coastlines and beaches; panoramic views of majestic mountains and incredible ancient monuments.

Holidays in Italy are vibrant and happy ones, well known for the fine foods, world-class wines, foot-tapping music and welcoming locals.

British tourists love visiting Italy because it is a short trip, though it is well worth the travel time from those who live in the US to Europe at its best.

Italy holidays cater for visitors in every taste offering lovers of history art, history, cuisine connoisseurs, and beach lover’s endless activities, tours and sightseeing.

It is here that history buffs will find everything to do about the Ancient Roman Empire and the Medieval Tuscan Fortress Towns as well as the Venetian Republic.

Nature lovers will be entranced by tours offering panoramic views of lakes, majestic mountains, crystal blue seas surrounded by beautiful beaches and lagoons, rolling hills dotted with lush green vineyards and sheer towering cliffs.

Places to Visit in Italy.

Italy Holidays –Cities to Visit

A definite stop off is Milan, known as the fashion capital of the world where the shopping is endless, and can quickly become a shopaholic’s dream.  So bring a little extra spending money for this one!

Then there is the most popular, Rome.  The Capital and Heart of Italy where it feels as if time has stood still as you walk and admire the same streets and architecture the Romans did, following the same footsteps of Popes, Emperors and Gladiators.


Tourists who love history and architecture are passionate about visiting the beautiful city of Florence; the birthplace of the Renaissance that still reverberates through the quaint cobbled streets and in humbling awe-inspiring churches.


Venice is the romantic city loved by honeymooners and visited by lovers from all over the world.  It is only rivalled by Paris, France.  This magnificent city in the midst of the Adriatic Sea, shows the architecture of man at his peak of creativity.

Amalfi Coast

A top spot for sunbathers and beach lovers is definitely the Amalfi Coast, where you can truly relax while enjoying some of the most beautiful coasts you have ever seen.  Here, You can dine on the finest seafood in cafes and restaurants, and feel the warmth and friendliness of the locals.

There are many other fabulous places to visit while in Italy, like The Leaning Tower of Pisa and Lake Como.

Along your journey you will discover picturesque villages and quaint towns. It’s always a good idea to research activities and tours beforehand to get the most out of your experience.

Type of Weather To Expect On Your Italy Holidays.

Despite Italy’s geographical position you can expect a rather variable climate so choose Italy holidays at the best times of the year.

The Mediterranean’s warm waters can mitigate thermal extremes, and the Alpine arc forms a barrier against the cold north winds.

At times Italy can experience excessively wet weather, windy conditions, and cooler air, and at other times comfortable warmth and milder temperatures.

There is a vast difference in temperatures during Winter and Summer months with January being rather cold from wind coming down off the Alpine Valleys.

Summer temperatures are comfortable, ranging between 24 to 27 degrees from June to August months with cool pleasant breezes.

Recommended times to visit are Spring from April to June or peak Summer from July to October when the weather is at its best.

In general, May to October are comfortable times for Italy holidays, but if you are a skiing enthusiast and want to hit the slopes, then November to early February during the winter months is just perfect.

You will love skiing holidays at some sensational resorts in the alpine region with slopes catering for beginners and advanced skiers.

Italy holidays offer activities and adventures for everyone making it a top travel destination.

Tourists will find activities for their tastes no matter what they prefer and with accommodation options from budget resorts and family-friendly a

All-inclusive hotels to ultimate luxury five-star options.

Italians are proud of their traditions, cuisine, wines and their history.  They are extremely family orientated and as you will discover, very welcoming to tourists with a great sense of humor!

Enjoy visiting the popular Italian Riviera which is very beautiful with it’s quaint harbors, walkways and lovely seaside resorts.

You will love Italy holidays where you have a chance to experience so much as well as enjoy a family-friendly destination that has something for everyone.

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