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Highlights : Mexico City – Teotihuacan – Puebla – Sumidero Canyon • Campeche – Uxmal – Merida – Celestun – Chichen Itza – Cancun


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Hotels featured:
✅Hotel NYX Cancun 4*
✅Mexico City Hotel Majestic or similar 3*
✅San Cristobal Hotel Mansion del Valle or similar 3*
✅Palenque Hotel Mision Palenque or similar 3*
✅Campeche Hotel Plaza Colonial or similar 3*
✅Merida Hotel Mision Panamericana or similar 3*


➧Wed 22 Nov 23 – Arrival in Mexico City.

After your plane lands at Mexico City International Airport, our tour representative will meet and greet you before assisting you with the shared transfer to your hotel. Once you are checked in, you can spend the rest of this first day at leisure.

If you can’t wait to start exploring, hit the streets and start becoming acquainted with the hustle and bustle of Mexico City. Alternatively, if you want to put your feet up after the flight, you can stay at the hotel relaxing and taking advantage of all the available services. In any case, make sure you get enough rest for tomorrow your adventure begins.

Please note that the itinerary order may change depending on the weekday of arrival (considering the days of operation of tours and days in which the places to visit open). Overnight in Mexico City.

➧Thu 23 Nov 23 – Mexico City Teotihuacan Mexico City (100km 2 hrs)

After breakfast at the hotel, your guide will be waiting for you at the hotel at 8.00 hrs to take you to visit the Zocalo the city’s main square. Here you’ll find the cathedral and presidential palace. Later, visit the National Anthropology Museum, which houses a priceless collection of artefacts, some of which are 35,000 years old.

Enjoy a guided tour of this facility featuring 11 sections dedicated to different eras and civilisations. Perhaps the most famous exhibit is the Aztec sunstone, but Olmec sculptures and Mayan murals have not lost their beauty after all these centuries.

The scale models of pre-colonial cities are also fascinating. After the museum, continue with a visit to the well-preserved ruins of Teotihuacan, an ancient civilisation that seems to have gone into decline in the sixth century but had a large influence on later civilisations such as the Aztecs.

Then travel back in time as you stroll along the Avenue of the Dead towards the imposing 2,000-year-old Pyramid of the Sun, the third largest in the world. At the end of the visit, you’ll have some free time to explore the site and climb one of the colossal pyramids to take in the views from the top. Lunch is not included.

Then return to the city and stop at the famous Guadalupe shrine to visit both the old and new basilicas. In the evening, return to the hotel and have the rest of the day at leisure. Overnight in Mexico City.

➧Fri 24 Nov 23 – Mexico City Tonantzintla Cholula & Puebla – Mexico City (370km 5.30 hrs)

Wake up to breakfast at the hotel before your guide picks you up to take you on a full-day adventure beginning in Santa Mara Tonantzintla. Visit its Baroque church, which has a noteworthy talaveresque facade and a beautiful interior decorated with polychrome. Continue then to the archaeological area of Cholula, which features the largest pyramidal basement in the Americas. Its roof is made of 49 domes that cover the seven bodies of the temple and two lateral chapels.

You’ll then be transferred to the City of Angels, Puebla, where you’ll have free time for lunch (not included). Visit the majestic historic centre, which concentrates the largest number of 18th-century colonial buildings. Walk into its Cathedral to admire its interior and contemplate its front facade and towers, considered the highest in Mexico.

Continue to the Chapel of the Rosary, added to the Santo Domingo church in the 17th century. Its vibrant interior features polychrome and gold leaf decorations. Now is the time to buy some souvenirs (typical sweets or objects from Talavera). You’ll be dropped off back in Mexico at dusk. Overnight in Mexico City

➧Sat 25 Nov 23 – Ciudad De Mexico – Tuxtla Gutierrez Sumidero Canyon San Cristobal De Casas (70km 2hrs)

Today breakfast at the hotel is followed by a transfer to Mexico City Airport, where you’ll catch a flight to Tuxtla Gutierrez (airfare not included). You should land at Tuxtla Gutierrez Airport at 13:00 at the latest. There a tour representative will meet and greet you before taking you to the Sumidero Canyon, one of Mexico’s most outstanding natural attractions.

This spectacular gorge carved into the earth over millions of years by the River Grijalva has to be one of Mother Natures’ least celebrated masterpieces. This makes visiting it even more exciting. During a two-hour boat tour along the imposing canyon bed, you will be able to appreciate just how deep this ravine gorge is.

Find yourself dwarfed by the sheer scale of its high walls, which are covered in a thick coat of vegetation. Admire the beautiful wildlife, including crocodiles, monkeys and birds, and the wide range of flora in the surrounding rainforests. After the boat ride, continue to San Cristobal de las Casas, where you’ll be dropped off at your hotel late in the afternoon. Overnight in San Cristobal de las Casas.

➧Sun 26 Nov 23 – San Cristobal De Las Casas San Juan Chamula and Zinacantan San Cristobal De Las Casas (30km 1.5 hrs)

After breakfast, head out to visit San Juan Chamula, famed for its whitewashed cathedral with colourful ornamentation and pine-scented, candlelit interior. Here you can observe the religious rituals that the locals perform.

The town is almost entirely inhabited by Tzotzil Maya, who apart from speaking their own language also have distinctive clothing, with the men wearing tunics called ‘chujes’ and the women favouring blouses known as’ huipils’. Chamula is renowned for the quality of its weavers and the local shops and markets offer a great variety.

Upon your return to San Cristobal, spend the afternoon at leisure. We recommend visiting the baroque church of Santo Domingo as well as its colourful art and food markets, where you can admire the clothes of the Maya cultures that inhabit the region. Overnight in San Cristobal de las Casas.

➧Mon 27 Nov 23 – San Cristobal Waterfalls Palenque (230km 5.5 hrs)

We will collect you from the hotel early in the morning ready to begin your trip to Palenque. Enjoy your breakfast en route as we begin travelling northeast towards the beautiful waterfalls in Chiapas, perhaps some of the most impressive waterfalls in the world!

Don’t forget your swimsuit today, as you will have the opportunity to take a dip in one of the natural pools full of bright blue water. This fascinating area of natural beauty is a wonderful place to relax and refresh yourself. After spending some time admiring the waterfalls and swimming in the water, we will continue our journey to the city of Palenque, where we will arrive in the afternoon. Upon arrival, check in to the hotel and spend the rest of the day at your leisure in Palenque. Overnight in Palenque.

➧Tue 28 Nov 23 – Palenque Campeche (360km 4.5 hrs)

Today breakfast will be followed by a visit to the Temples of Palenque. This archaeological site boasts some of the finest examples of Mayan architecture, including sculptures, roof combs and bas-relief carvings. Enjoy a fascinating guided tour of the premises, admiring its beauty and learning interesting information.

The impressive Temple of Inscriptions, which reaches a height of almost 23 metres, is where the tomb of the Maya ruler was found and excavated in the early 1950s. In its heyday, Palenque was a sprawling city-state that spanned almost 60 square kilometres.

However, archaeologists estimate that they have excavated only 5-10% of this UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. So far, over 200 structures have been unearthed, with the Temple of the Inscriptions, the Palace, the Temple of the Count and the Temple of the Cross being the most prominent.

At the end of the tour, continue to Campeche and check in at the hotel. Overnight in Campeche

➧Wed 29 Nov 23 – Campeche Uxmal Merida (250km 3.5 hrs)

Today, after breakfast at the hotel, enjoy a panoramic tour of this historic coastal city, driving through the heart of the picturesque old town with its colonial houses, arcades and churches. Alight and explore further on foot, visiting sights such as the old city walls and St Francis Cathedral.

Leave Campeche and visit the impressive archaeological site of Uxmal and enjoy a guided tour of this UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site, which rises in to view above the canopy of the jungle as you approach. Unlike other Maya cities, Uxmal was engulfed by the rainforest after the Spanish arrived.

The most famous structure is the 35-metre Pyramid of the Magician, which towers over the remarkably well-preserved Nunnery Quadrangle. Across the central plaza, just beyond the ballgame court, is the Governor’s Palace with its elaborately decorated roof. At the southern end of the main complex is the Great Pyramid, of which only one side has been excavated.

Then, visit the beautiful white colonial city of Merida, where we will take a panoramic tour of its most prominent sites including the residential area, the monument to the homeland and Montejo Avenue. Overnight in Merida.

➧Thu 30 Nov 23 – Merida Celestun Boat Merida (215 KM 3 hrs)

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel then prepare for a day enjoying the beach and stunning scenery in a fishing village located approximately two hours away from Merida. Upon arrival, observe the natural beauty of the surroundings, particularly the virgin beaches, which are ideal for swimming, and spot the beautiful pink flamingos that inhabit this region.

Flamingos can be seen all year round, although they are less frequently spotted during the months of September and October due to the rains. Take a boat ride through the mangrove to observe the extraordinary exotic flora and fauna of the region.

Then, enjoy some free time on the beach to relax, swim or sunbathe. Later, we will take you to a typical seafront restaurant for a traditional lunch (included). After eating, return to Merida and enjoy the rest of the afternoon at your leisure. Overnight in Merida.

➧Fri 01 Dec 23 – Merida Chichen Itza Cancun/Riviera Maya (315km 4 hrs)

Start the day with breakfast at the hotel, then head deep into the rainforests of the Yucatan peninsula in search of the legendary Maya city of Chichen Itza, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Learn about the Maya and their civilisation as you admire the scale and beauty of this ancient city.

Behold the geometric perfection of the 25-metre Temple of Kukulkan, popularly known as El Castillo (the Castle). This temple was built both as a representation of the mystical Maya calendar and to reflect the optical illusion of a serpent snaking its way up or down the pyramid during the spring and autumn equinoxes.

Admire the Great Ball Court, the largest of 13 discovered at the site; see the haunting Skull Platform, where the heads of human sacrifice victims and prisoners of war were impaled; and the Sacred Cenote, where sacrifice victims were dumped. Enjoy lunch at a typical restaurant. Continue to Cancun or Riviera Maya where we will drop you off at your selected extension hotel (not included).

➧Fri 01 Dec 23 – Stay in Hotel NYX Cancun – Near La Isla Shopping Mall
Private Transfer Hotel to Airport

➧Wed 06 Dec 23 – Departure

Here are more interesting Historical Sites found in Mexico

Mexico is a country with a rich and fascinating history, dating back to the ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations. There are many historical sites to see in Mexico, from the towering pyramids of Chichen Itza to the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan.

Here are some of the most popular historical sites in Mexico:

Chichen Itza: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. The site is home to a number of impressive Mayan ruins, including the Kukulkan pyramid, the Temple of Warriors, and the Ball Court.

Teotihuacan: This ancient city was once one of the most important religious and cultural centers in Mesoamerica. The site is home to a number of impressive pyramids and temples, including the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon.

Palenque: This Maya city was once a major political and economic power. The site is home to a number of well-preserved ruins, including the Temple of the Inscriptions and the

Monte Alban: This Zapotec city was once a powerful and sophisticated civilization. The site is home to a number of impressive ruins, including the Great Plaza and the Palace of the Dancers.

Templo Mayor: This Aztec temple was once the center of the Aztec empire. The site is located in Mexico City and is currently being excavated.

In addition to these major sites, there are many other historical gems to be found in Mexico. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Xochimilco: This floating garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a great place to experience traditional Mexican culture.
  • Guanajuato: This colonial city is known for its beautiful architecture and its many tunnels.
  • San Miguel de Allende: This charming city is a popular destination for artists and tourists alike.
  • Uxmal: This ancient Maya city is known for its distinctive Puuc architecture.
  • Taxco: This silver mining town is known for its beautiful colonial architecture.
  • Mitla: This Zapotec city is known for its intricate mosaics.

No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find a historical site in Mexico that you’ll love. So start planning your trip today with MHA!

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