10 Reasons to Consider Travelling To New Zealand to Enjoy Fantastic Holidays With The Whole Family!

10 Reasons Why Travelling to New Zealand Should Be on Your Bucket List

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It’s easy to see why travelling to New Zealand is becoming more popular for tourists, as it has so much to offer holidaymakers of all ages.  The climate is temperate, and visits there during the summer or winter are both equally enjoyable.

New Zealand is made up of 2 main islands, which are the Northern Island, where most people live, and then the Southern Island, which offers beautiful panoramic scenery, lush vegetation and untouched nature.

Flying to New Zealand is no problem either, considering that most airlines serve this popular destination, and most of the flights land at the International airport in Auckland which is the largest city in New Zealand.

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Travelling to New Zealand starts at Auckland with a multitude of activities for tourists, from superb shopping, to beautiful sandy beaches, where you can look forward to a great choice in water sports and sailing tours.

There are plenty of  wonderful places to visit in this country which offers a huge diversity of options to choose from, including majestic mountain ranges, awesome beaches, huge lakes and rain forests filled with wonderful wildlife.

More reasons why Travelling to New Zealand is popular for holidaymakers from all over the world:

1- English is the main language in New Zealand, although sometimes the thick accent may make it difficult to understand individuals that speak fast. If you are coming from a western country like the United Kingdom, or the US, then communication is no problem at all. New Zealanders are also very welcoming to tourists and visitors, and a proud nation that loves showing off their beautiful country.

2- At the time of writing this article, the exchange rate is very favourable if you are travelling to New Zealand from the UK, countries in Europe, and the USA.

Look forward to super holiday shopping in the main commercial and business areas, such as Auckland and Wellington.  You can also enjoy visiting Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown for a variety of great holiday experiences.

3- Besides the hustling bustling city of Auckland, the rest of the country is mostly quieter, and you can rent a car with confidence to explore the beauty of the country by roads which are not congested with traffic.

4- A huge attraction for many tourists is the incredible beauty of New Zealand, with breathtaking scenery and panoramic views that you will love capturing in photos wherever you go.

There are soft and sandy, as well as rugged rocky beaches, fantastic mountain ranges, rivers, lakes and unspoiled rain forests.  Choose from dozens of tours and sightseeing trips to make the most of travelling to New Zealand.

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5- You may not know it, but tourists also travel to New Zealand for great skiing, which can be found on the mountain slopes on both the northern and southern islands during the winters.

There are some stunning ski lodges, and other super accommodation options to choose from, and you can look forward to some incredible sights while skiing too.

If you choose to visit Queenstown which lies on the South Island, then it is here that you can choose adventure activities and thrills, from bungee jumping to jet skiing, sky diving to helicopter rides, and incredible zip lining.

6- Finding budget accommodation when travelling to New Zealand is a snap too, with tons of options in hotels, resorts, holiday rentals, and upper-class luxury lodgings.

You will find some great all-inclusive deals, and where pampering is concerned, there are lodges that are incredibly luxurious in some scenic and secluded locations, with meals inclusive in the price, plus spa treatments, and other 5-star services.

Budget beating accommodation for families includes renting self-catering apartments which are in abundance.  For students travelling to New Zealand on a budget, there are plentiful options in backpacker hostels that are centrally located and budget beating.

7- When travelling to New Zealand, you can look forward to an assortment to lamb, beef and chicken.  There are some fine restaurants & informal places to buy food on the go, and coffee bars, and pubs; with restaurants so you will never be hungry while on holiday.

New Zealand offers fine wines from its own wine industry, and here you will find the oldest and best-known wine areas, located mostly in the south, which is famous for the production of the fine Sauvignon Blanc.

8- If you have watched the famous movie trilogy ‘The Lord of the Rings’ then you will know that it was filmed in New Zealand.  While travelling around the country you will be told proudly by locals of this fact at certain spots, and there are even tours catering to ‘The Lord of the Rings’ fans.

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9- New Zealand has a deep and interesting cultural history where it is claimed that the Maoris from Polynesia settled in New Zealand over 1000 years ago.  New Zealand became a British colony in late 1840 after the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

10-If you are a history buff, you will love exploring the multitudes of museums in the country, which give you some insight into the rich history of New Zealand.

You will love travelling to New Zealand, and many tourists enjoy their visit so much, they return often to explore other parts and cities in this beautiful country.

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